The main active ingredient of Caverta- Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg.

Caverta reviews

Jami, 38 y.o.

I like drug caverta and take it already 2 years. It fits me perfect. I feel great after the administration, I also use it with some amount of alcohol and have np any bad feelings because of it. P.s. delivery from this site is always fast, thanks.

Michael, 50 y.o.

I would say Caverta is the same as viagra, but a lot cheaper. It is not clever to pay more for the same active substance in the medicine. The product is qualified and good, I use it long time.

Ben, 31 y.o.

I don’t have ED problems, but tried caverta for fun and it worked absolutely amazing. Many times of sex during the day. Just awesome! xxx

Tully, 37 y.o.

Sildenafil citrate component you can find in many drugs. I’m used to get caverta. It acts stronger for my organism than other pills and the effect is significant! Thanks for fast delivery, never a problem!

Oshean, 54 y.o.

I’ve started getting ED pills about 6 month ago. From the beginning, I didn’t trust generic drugs and was just buying Viagra. But then I made my choice and tried silagra and caverta. With caverta i have less side effects and it lasts very long time. But I also consulted my doctor who helped me to choose the drug which fits me more.

Mira, 35 y.o.

Mu husband is 56 y.o. and we tried several drugs to increase potency. With caverta he had better effect and also he didn’t feel any side effects. Products we bought here, all original and delivery is very fast.

Marco, 45 y.o.

Caverta is an extremely successful pill! I love it and advise to everybody. Anyway it is better to talk with the specialist about problems you might have, but this drug works 100%!

Emanuele, 42 y.o.

It is a great great weekend pill! No hangovers after it, no headaches, no any uncomfortable feelings, just pure sex all day and night long. Thx for instant delivery!

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