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Pancreas – one of the most important secretory organ in the human body. By the size of it – the second iron in the digestive system of the liver after. The pancreas has a lobed structure and represents an extension of the formation of a grayish-pink color. Despite the vital importance of this body, many do not even know where it is located.

  • This place is behind the stomach in the abdomen in the upper abdomen, approximately at the level of the first – the second lumbar vertebrae. Dimensions pancreas normally constitute 14-22 cm in length, from 3 to 9 cm in width (in the head), and 2 to 3 cm in thickness. It weighs about 70-80 grams.
  • If the pancreas size is beyond the scope of these parameters, it may indicate the development of disease. In newborns breast size is small (3-6 cm length and weight of 2.5-3 g.). It is higher than in adults, but are relatively movable due to weak fixation posterior abdominal wall. Increasing the pancreas with age occurs. In a three year old she weighs 20 grams, and 10-12 years -. 30 g.

Anatomy of the pancreas in children and adults becomes identical to five years. The role of the pancreas in the digestive and metabolic processes can not be overemphasized. At work she performs endocrine and exocrine function.

Due exocrine functions allocated to the duodenum pancreatic enzymes. They are contained in the pancreatic juice and neutralize the acidic environment of the stomach, directly involved in the digestion of food. Violation of this function leads to failures in the allocation of enzymes (tirpsina, lipase, maltose).

The most important for human hormones – lipokoin, glucagon and insulin – produced in the body due to endocrine function. Violation of their production can cause various diseases, such as diabetes and lipomatosis.

Thus, pancreatic hormones – insulin and glucagon – regulate normal blood sugar level and are involved in carbohydrate metabolism. A via formed lipokaina liver phospholipids which have a beneficial effect on fatty acid oxidation.

If the liver is not to be missed lipokaina, then it can happen fatty degeneration. The pancreas is located near the spleen, kidney, liver, stomach and heart, so it can have an impact on all these bodies. Its extremely rapid disease characterized by pathological changes in tissues, which can cause even pancreatic necrosis.

The problem may occur within a few hours. Any damage to the body is quite dangerous. A puncture of the pancreas should be done with extreme caution. The most common problems with the pancreas – it pancreatitis (acute or chronic) pancreatitis calculary (i.e. pancreatic stones), pancreatic cancer, diabetes, pancreatic, cystic fibrosis, pancreatic cyst.

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