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Nails- Health

What kind of health problems tell our nails about?

In the West, in determining the diagnosis, doctors take into account the basic indicators of research and analysis.

According to Ayurved, the nails – a reflection of the state of the bone system. Strong manicure – a strong skeleton, and if the nails are soft and brittle, and the bones in the same condition.

  1. “Right” nails – pink, matte white, crescent-shaped wells. If the hole began to increase – it is an alarming sign, but if she fell or disappeared altogether, it is a chance for even greater concern. But first things first.
  2. The thumb, according to the canons of Oriental medicine, is responsible for the lungs and bronchi, as well as his head. If the hole is on this finger became less does not hurt to do chest X-rays, and even brain MRI. And if a person does well, and no, it is dangerous to deal with – among these people a lot of inappropriate persons.
  3. The index finger is considered to be a projection of the colon, liver and pancreas. If the hole is on this finger became faint, do not be lazy – do ultrasound of the abdominal organs.
  4. The middle finger is responsible for the circulatory and vascular system. The disappearance of the wells it may indicate problems with blood vessels and veins.
  5. Ring finger in charge of the endocrine and lymphatic systems. If he lost the nail hole, then you get any problems with metabolism, may be a problem with the thyroid gland. In general, in any case, consult with the endocrinologist.
  6. The little finger controls the operation of the small intestine and heart. If instead of a crescent on the claw of the youngest of the fingers was only a thin ledge, or nothing at all – do not pull the visit to a gastroenterologist. Make a gastroscopy – after such a pattern characteristic of peptic ulcer and enterocolitis. If the gastrointestinal tract does not bother you – explore the cardiovascular system (ECG needed and possibly CT). The nail of the little finger, devoid of holes, sometimes in people with atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart rhythm disturbances.

Diagnosis on the fingers: What problems in the body say the layer of nails
Also pay attention to the appearance and shape of the nail plate.

  • White spots – a sign of lack of calcium in the body, or zinc.
  • Long line – poor absorption of food.
  • The transverse grooves – a consequence of poor nutrition or neglected diseases.
  • Stubby edge – gastritis, neurosis, sexual dysfunction in women.
  • Cyanosis – a signal of poor circulation, heart disease, lung problems. Urgently to the doctor!
  • Pale – a sign of anemia (anemia), blood system disorders or severe blood loss.
  • But if the sign did not appear suddenly but has always existed, then most likely you have a deep blood vessels are located.
  • Reds – the excess of red blood cells.
  • Yellowness – the weakness of the liver, jaundice.
  • Curved nails, similar to the hour glass – a sign of oxygen starvation, which is often in severe diseases of the heart and lungs. Examination and treatment are required.
  • The porous nail into the shallow hole, – pathology of the spleen.

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