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Mole removal

It is important to understand that the removal of moles – not just cosmetic whim, but a necessary step in the prevention of cancer. For melanoma – the most aggressive type of malignant tumor that develops from it undeleted moles.

Removal of moles itself mole (nevus) – congenital defect of the skin of the character, or acquired during the life of the original good-quality education. Under the influence of a number of factors, it can quickly and ozlokachestvlyatsya fatal. Therefore, the timely removal of moles – the key to a peaceful life.

As shown in the removal of moles

Nevi only seem harmless, and in fact they actually can cause deadly diseases. Therefore, their presence in the body should be treated carefully. At the first suspicion that the nevus started to grow in size, you should consult a doctor to carry out a radical removal of moles in the near future.

   In America, all the inhabitants older than 30 years, for Bole accurately control the possible growth of nevi, it is recommended to photograph all parts of his body with the same distance of not less than 1 time per year.

Then check these photos from last year. In everyday life, you can not see a gradual increase in their formations, and comparing the images it is possible to accurately determine – should seek medical advice for removing moles or not.

   In addition, it is necessary to resort to surgery if the nevus:

  • located in areas of injury and constant friction (for example, on the neck – when it touches the chain periodically, or on the outside of the thigh – when there is constant friction of clothing etc…);
  • located in open areas of skin that are exposed to UV radiation abundant (it greatly accelerates the process of malignancy);
  • has impressive size (over 1 cm).

Why can not carry out the removal of moles at home?

Most nevi are prevented permanently damaged and clinging to clothes and other third-party items. At such times, there are ideas to implement the removal of birthmarks on their own. “She’s so small that can happen?” What do you want! Remember, self-removal of moles – a risk:

  • abundant, ongoing bleeding (nevi are very rich in blood vessels);
  • of infection in the wound (even in the processing of hand and surface nevus alcohol risk is very high);
  • Education melanoma (remove moles entirely not really at home – can only hurt them significantly by running the initial processes of degeneration in the tumor).

Professional removal of moles in the medical center

Removal of moles immediately draw your attention to the fact that the suspect nevi should not be punctured before surgery – if you already have cancerous cells, a biopsy may be their only further spread. It is advisable to immediately remove the tumor, and then to send it to the histological analysis in the laboratory.

   As for the removal of moles, then immediately apply a number of surgical approaches that are used in other benign skin tumors.

Excision of a scalpel. The method is quite old and today is rarely applicable. It requires good local anesthesia and leaves scars.

Removing nitrogen. Painless, but there is risk of inability to remove education at a time. Rubtsov usually remains. The procedure takes only a few minutes.

The use of electrocautery. Removing a nevus is not a sharp scalpel, and a high-frequency current. Minimal bleeding, a slight scar.

Laser removal. Modern methods. Mole removal is achieved in stages, more gentle to the surrounding tissue without scarring. The only drawback – the fabric “burned” completely and sent for histological examination has nothing.

Radiosurgical approach. Similar to the previous one, except that instead of the laser pulse is used radionozh. Scarring is not, it does not cause pain.

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