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Inflammation of the uterus

Symptoms of inflammation of the uterus

Inflammation of the appendages is characterized by abdominal pain, chills, urination disorders, deterioration of general condition. Signs of inflammation appendages are expressed more or less important, depending on the type of microorganisms, their toxicity and nature of the inflammatory response.

Even the most acute inflammatory process in appendages can result in complete recovery, with timely and complex treatment. Some antibiotics is now not enough. Required and effective antifungal therapy, the recovery of the intestinal microflora of the vagina and after the use of antibiotics.

A combination of medication and physical therapy techniques, gives the best effect. Especially effective MILTerapiya, using machines, or MILTA RIKTA. This type FTL has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, analgesic and absorbing effects.

Incomplete or insufficiently effective treatment, salpingo may be subacute or chronic, continuing for months or years. Chronic inflammation of the appendages is characterized by the formation of more and more adhesive, adhesive process in small pelvis. At this stage, it appears and violation of ovarian function, its reduction, lack of egg maturation.
There may come a violation of the sexual life because of pain appendages, lower sex drive (libido).

During this period, it is important to use vitamins to continue physical therapy, anti-inflammatory and pain medications. It is important to apply mikrodozirovannye combined oral contraceptives (COCs) to give the ovaries, “vacation” from inflammation shock. COC will perfectly adjust the cycle, keep a stock of oocytes for future pregnancies. In case of violation of the Fallopian tubes, COCs will not allow the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.
Displaying a spa treatment, in particular, mud spas. Naftalan or Saki mud could stop the adhesive process, enhance the activity of the ovaries, fallopian tubes improve patency. You can not cancel the COCs to full confidence in a good tubal patency. To find out it will echo the hydro-GHA. For the final restoration of patency of tubes, made a laparoscopy.
One of the highlights is timely examination and treatment of the sexual partner or spouse, in order to prevent re-infection by the same wife microbes.
Modern contraception, no abortion, protection from infection with STIs, timely detection and treatment of infections – a good prevention of inflammation of the uterine appendages.

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