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Frequent urination

Frequent urination: the norm or a deviation?

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frequent urination Frequent urination means that a person feels the need to empty your bladder more frequently than usual. However, the concept of “usual” in this case is very difficult to determine. Despite the fact that the doctors agreed to – a person must urinate up to 10 times a day for some and more frequent visits to the toilet are the norm. Therefore, in each case individually physician determines whether urination symptom of a disease or normal.

   Typically, patients are asked the following questions.

  1. Accompanied by whether frequent urination constant urge?
  2. Each whether the urge is accompanied by urination?
  3. Little or a lot of urine identifies the patient at one time?
  4. Does the amount of fluid consumed in the amount of urine?
  5. It interferes whether frequent urination normal lifestyle?
  6. whether it is accompanied by itching, burning and other unpleasant symptoms?

   Just focusing on these answers, the doctor will decide whether the state is normal or there are signs of the disease.

Frequent urination: Causes and Features

   Frequent urination – is not a disease but a symptom of several diseases. What can cause this deviation?

Urinary tract infection (more common in men, but it happens, and in women). The infection can spread to the urethra, ureters, kidneys, bladder and other organs. Microorganisms, irritating way of urination, frequent urge to provoke.

Prostate tumor.

Chronic renal failure is very abundant and frequent urination. Typically in this disease die kidney cells.

Diabetes insipidus can cause frequent urination, thirst and excessive urination.

  • Diabetes.
  • Cystitis.
  • Heart failure.

The stones in the kidney or bladder, causing frequent urination, prevent completely empty the bladder.

Taking certain medications with diuretic effect, frequent consumption of caffeine or alcohol.

If the problem is for these reasons, it is subject to compulsory treatment. However, there are situations where frequent urination is not an aberration. This advanced age, menopause in women, pregnancy.

Frequent urination: species

frequent urination mocheispuskanieChastoe during the day, especially during active movement. The most common is called urolithiasis.

Regular urge at night. Due likely to increase, or neoplasms of the prostate gland (in men). Sometimes it appears as a result of receiving a large number of medical diuretic drugs, alcohol or caffeinated beverages.

Overly frequent urination during the day and at night its absence indicates, most likely, on the neuroses. Very often neurosis in women.

Regular, but frequent urination, especially in women, may be due to anatomical features of a woman.

Frequent urination: treatment

Your doctor must determine the cause of the problem and treat the disease, which it provoked. However, it is recommended (with all kinds of deviations) in parallel with the symptomatic treatment:

Daily to perform Kegel exercises. These exercises strengthen the urogenital system.

Remove from food menu with a diuretic effect, irritating foods: spicy, salty, peppery or flavored with plenty of spices.

Control ratio drunk and allocated liquid.

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