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Cervical erosion

Cervical Pathology ( “erosion”) – is a common gynecological disease and revealed almost every second woman after gynecological examination.
Conditions that may be hidden under the term “erosion” of the cervix:

  1. Cervical Ectopic – is the offset of the cervical mucous on the mucous membrane of the vaginal part of the cervix. This state is a variant of the norm for young women, and does not require treatment. Just ectopia may be a manifestation of hormonal imbalance in women.
  2. Cervical ectropion – this eversion cervical mucosa, resulting in deformation of the cervix. The most common after a traumatic birth. cervical treatment is required when the cervix is ​​disrupted barrier function by its deformation.
  3. Cervicitis – inflammation of the cervix, most often caused by genital infections and requires specific antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapy.
  4. True erosion – defect of cervical mucous. It may be the result of traumatic exposure, deficiency of sex hormones in postmenopausal women, a manifestation of primary syphilis ( “chancre”), tumor lysis, and others. The treatment of cervical erosion is assigned to the survey.
  5. \leukoplakia – a replacement of normal cervical epithelium stratum (similar in structure to the skin epidermis). The most likely cause of leukoplakia is currently considered infectious factor (human papillomavirus, chlamydia infection, and others.). Availability leukoplakia requires destructive treatment (laser or radio wave method).
  6. Dysplasia – a change in the structure of skin cells, which can turn into cervical cancer. There are three stages: CIN I, CIN II and CIN III. Dysplasia mild reversible condition that is amenable to conservative therapy, with increasing severity, significantly increases the risk of cancer pathology. Now it is proved that the development of dysplasia in 100% of cases associated with the presence of infection papillomovirusnoy. The appointment of a specific treatment is decided by the doctor individually, depending on the severity of the process, age, reproductive patient plans. The main methods of correction are as follows: drug antiviral therapy, laser vaporization, radiowave treatment of cervical erosion.
  7. Cervical cancer – is one of the first among cancers in the world. In 100% of cases associated with papillomavirus oncogenic risk human. It is now considered completely curable disease if detected in the early stages of the disease. Studies show that severely affects mainly women who are more than three years have not been accessed for routine examination to the gynecologist. Treatment is carried cancers.

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