The main active ingredient of Caverta- Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg.


The most important benefit of Caverta drug – that it contains additional ingredients that make it possible to take this treatment even with high blood pressure. The main active ingredient in this drug is Sildenafil Citrate.

The main feature of such a component as sildenafil citrate is its quick action on the human vascular system. In this case, the specific formula of the drug is selectively (which it’s the main benefit) increasing blood pressure, mainly in the pelvic area, and what actually causes an erection of the penis.

Caverta characteristics:

  • The analogue of Viagra – Caverta affects the smooth muscles of the penis, causing it to relax. It increases blood flow to the erectile tissues, which are the basic elements involved in the erection of the penis and give it firmness. This ensures an increase in the volume and hardening of the penis, that is a quality erection at those moments when you need it.

Erection, which contributes to the achievement of caverta fairly stable. According to numerous data, it may appear within two – three days. After complete intercourse the penis returns to its relaxed state. In addition, the drug can be used effectively in almost any male sexual disorders. Therefore, many men prefer to buy generic Viagra, and not suffer from the problems associated with erectile dysfunction.

An important feature: This drug potency does not cause an erection by itself. She will not come in if the man is no natural sexual arousal. The best time of reception caverta is from half to 4 hours before sexual intimacy. Although by statistics the optimal time to receive this tool is 1:00. It is the time of reception to achieve the most effective erection lasting as long as possible.

Now you can easily buy generic viagra in any phormacy, without fear of what you are buying is fake. Caverta is the best combination of quality and price. Pharmacological formula of Viagra is approved by the Commission for the control of drugs and nutrients. We can assume that it is now a means that may lead a man to a full recovery of potency and normalization of his sex life, even in old age.

One of the important advantages of this drug is that you can buy caverta at low price. Every man wants his sexual desires coincided with his physical capabilities.

According to statistics, more than a third of men in all ages in the world have problems with potency. Those problems aee appearing because of situation which can be considered stressful conditions and bad environment. However, this problem is solved by pharmacological means. You can buy generic Caverta with delivery in our online store.

Currently, drugs to increase potency can be purchased at any pharmacy network. With a wide range, everyone can choose for themselves the best option. Generics are not inferior to brand-name drugs in composition and quality, but surpass it with more affordable prices.

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